Cardigan Coastal Cottages

Booking your accomodation

To book your accommodation, please telephone Angela or Paul on 01239 811777 or complete the form below.


Submitted forms will normally receive a response from us within a matter of hours. All submissions will be responded to within 24 hours.

If your booking is to start within the next 48hrs, you MUST telephone us to confirm the booking.

If you do not supply a your real name, your address, a valid e-mail address, or your telephone number, you MUST telephone us to confirm the booking. Failure to telephone us will result in us ignoring the booking.

The time and date that a form is submitted is part of the information received by us. Where more than one booking is made for one of the units, we will give priority to the earliest booking.


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Old Farmhouse
Ysgubor Mawr (Large Barn)
Beudy Bach (Small Byre)
Piggery Poke (Hostel)

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I would like to have the cooker(s) cleaned for me @ 60 per cooker: Yes
If you have not elected to have the cookers cleaned, you must leave them in the same condition as when you enter the accommodation.


By submitting this form you are individually and collectively (for groups) agreeing to the terms and conditions as specified on the "Terms & Conditions" page of this web site. If you are not willing to agree to these terms and conditions, please, do not submit this form.

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