Cader Idris in the morning mist

On a winter’s morning, the view from Cardigan Coastal Cottages across Cardigan Bay to Cader Idris can be quite ethereal. When the sea is calm and there is a slight haze, you could almost believe that the image has been tampered with to achieve an effect that the best film studios would envy.  In truth, […]

Mwnt in winter

 Even in winter, Mwnt is a lovely place to visit. Mwnt is well tucked away; it is often referred to as Wales’ hidden gem.  Apart from on bank holidays, the beach at Mwnt is rarely busy.  In mid winter, you often find you have the beach to yourself 😁 The hill in the background is […]

Building links

We are starting to build a good number of links to activities, attractions and places to eat for our web site. As those links are being added, the target suppliers/venues/organisers are being asked if they would be willing to offer our guests a small discount or free incentive to visit them, buy from them or […]

Mirror image?

I was driving back from Cardigan in the late afternoon a few days ago when I noticed light rays on the horizon.  This may not seem at all significant.  We often see this effect on days were there is broken cloud as the sun passes below the horizon. What made this event unusual was that […]

Piggery Poke evolves

Ysgubor Mawr

After more than a decade of running Piggery Poke as a hostel for walkers and cyclists, we have decided that the time has come to change Piggery Poke into a self-catering cottage. Over the years, we have enjoyed receiving visitors from the UK as well as overseas, including Europe, Australia, China, America and Canada.  Unfortunately, […]

Twas the night before Christmas

At this time of year, Cardigan Coastal Cottages is normally alive with a host of guests celebrating Christmas and New Year together in our cottages and hostel.  This year is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. We can only hope that the New Year heralds a brighter dawn and that we can […]